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Bronzing Powder Hints and Tips

Bronzing Powder Hints and Tips

ULTRAGLOW Bronzing Powders are a very simple but extremely versatile way of creating a great make up. Just follow the hints and tips to achieve a natural looking make up in minutes.

Why is it special?

Your bronzing powder will give you an all over healthy glow with or without foundation and you can also use it as a blusher, shaper, shader, eyeliner, body contour, eye shadow, lip colour and if you want to achieve a coordinated look you can even use it on your nails! ULTRAGLOW Bronzing Powders respond to your natural skin tone so you can use varying depths of application to achieve lighter or darker areas and therefore contour the face and body.

Will the colour suit me?

ULTRAGLOW Bronzing Powders are suitable for all skin types and shades from the very palest to the darkest of skin tones. It’s just a question of how much you use. Paler skin tones need a very light application, darker tones can apply more. If the shade is not dark enough you can always apply more to get a beautiful sun-kissed look.

What is the difference between the powders?

There are four different ULTRAGLOW Bronzing Powders, but they are all the same shade suitable for all skin types. They are:

Original Loose – The Original Bronzing Powder in loose form in a pot with a mesh to regulate the powder. Extremely versatile, it has reflective particles to create that sun-kissed glow effect

Original Pressed – Pressed version of Original Loose which is ideal for carrying and many find less messy to use

Complexsun/Demi-Matte – Pressed Powder with less shimmer than the Original version, contains ingredients with moisturising properties

Active Matte – Our newest addition, a matte pressed powder without reflective particles or shimmer, clinically proven to be 85% water resistant, and designed for challenging conditions such as heat and humidity.

How do I apply it?

With your ULTRAGLOW Powder Brush (at full length if you are using the retractable), swirl the broom lightly round the compact or pot mesh (make sure that most or all of the powder is under the mesh – what’s left will be plenty!) so that a very fine coating of powder is evenly distributed throughout the brush. Remember! A little goes a long way. To achieve a healthy glow evenly all over the face, begin at the forehead with gentle circular sweeps, work down one side of the face and blend gently under the chin. When happy with the effect, repeat the process on the other side of the face and don’t forget the ears. Finish with a few sweeps over the whole face to blend and soften the colour and allow a few seconds for the powder to warm onto the skin. As a blusher use the Blusher Brush and a little more powder, sweep some colour over the cheeks under the cheek bones.

For the eyes, use the Deep Crease Blender Brush or shorten the retractable brush length by sliding the inner slide half way up to sweep powder over the eyelid and blend gently upwards towards the brow bone. To make your eyes look deeper set, shade a little more powder into the socket line. Finish your make up with two coats of mascara and your favourite lip shade.

How else can I use my Bronzing Powder?

  • For a terrific eyeliner and lip liner: Mix a little powder with a few drops of water and apply with a very fine brush.
  • To get that elfin look around the shoulders: Lightly brush bronzing powder in a wedge shape just above the collarbone.
  • For a lovely looking nail colour: Simply rub powder into the nails and apply clear nail polish over the top.
  • Apply clear Lip Gloss over a little powder on the lips for a nude shimmery  look

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