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Unit 10 Gamma Terrace, West Road

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Beauty Without Cruelty


“Simply a better way”


Founded by Muriel, The Lady Dowding in 1959. The pioneering business of cruelty-free cosmetics at the forefront of ingredient consciousness. 100% vegan.

Brand Philosophy

To remain at the forefront of ingredient consciousness. To ensure the products offer an effective natural alternative to preservative and chemical-based beauty products and to incorporate environmental conscience in all aspects of the brand supply chain. The swan logo is symbolic of the brand mission to deliver beauty by the intertwining of natural elements. The brand is committed to providing unique formulations that carry a dedicated focus on enhancing a healthy and nourished skin.


100% RANGE

Foundation Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation. A combination of moisture balancing pentavitin combined with jojoba and Vitamin E provides a smooth natural consistency for flawless complexion. Perfect for a confident natural look. Available in six shades, Sheer, Fair, Light, Medium, Natural and Beige.

Blusher Mineral Duo Blusher Pressed. Colour rich and soft application. Fine mineral pigments with all day staying power. Two shades for blush and highlight creates shape and shades. Available in four shade duos, Radiant Rose, Pink Blush, Sweet Apricot and Caramel Fudge.

- Waterproof
Mascara Unique waterproof formulation which is paraben free and vegan! Intense colour, lash caring and fibre free. With a new ergonomic “Curvy Contour” brush that creates length, curl and definition by increasing the natural curve of the lashes. The design makes reaching the corners exceptionally easy creating a more even coat. Particularly good for contact lens wearers. Available in two shades, Black and Cocoa.

- Full Volume
Mascara Natural formulation for maximum volume has added vegan fibre to enhance length and volume performance. The new extra dense soft hollow fine haired “Double Depth” brush maximises extension and thickness by closely coating each individual lash in its fullest extent. Available in two Shades Black and Cocoa.

- Ultimate Natural Conditioning
Mascara Full Volume conditioning formulation with wild Japanese Berry Wax for lash condtioning. Fibre free. With the innovative spheres “Lash Lovers” brush that creates length and definition with shading effect and lash separation as well as increased coverage reaching the full length of every lash. The brush is made from the Castor Oil plant and entirely of vegetal origin. Available in two shades Black and Walnut.

- Eye Defining Pencil
EyeLiner Formulated to provide a sharp line to use as an edge for eye makeup and to clearly define eyes. 100% Palm Oil free. Available in two shades, Black and Soft Brown.

- Soft Kohl Pencil
EyeLiner Soft, easy blend and smudgeable texture for quick and comfortable application which gives intense colour and outstanding staying power. Available in five shades Carbon Black, Charcoal grey, Delft Blue, Cedar Green and Walnut.

- Fine Cream Concealer Pencil
Concealer Precise application for targeted concealing. Super soft natural formula. Available in two shades, Fair and Medium.

- Super Cover Cream Concealer Pencil
Concealer Super soft smudgeable formulation that is perfect for concealing blemishes or dark shadows under eyes. Available in two shades Fair and Medium.

- Sensuous Mineral Eye Shadow Loose
Eyeshadow loose A natural pigment and mineral complex that delivers a perfect cover, flawless yet transparent. The powder is free from oils, waxes and talc. Ten shimmering shades, Desire, Intrigue, Serenity, Vanity, Envy, Obsession, Pride, Lust, Purity and Mystery.

- Mineral Eye Shadow Duo Pressed
Eyeshadow Pressed Beautiful pressed duo eye shadows in a great range of colours. A “wet and dry” colour rich formulation which can be used dry for a soft and delicate blended look, or mixed with a little water for deeper long-stay shades. Available in six duo shades Moonlight, Everglade, Rich Tamarind, Ultramarine, Juicy Plum and Purple Passion.

- Kind Colourful Nails
Kind Colourful Nails A two coat efficacy nail colour system made with 85% bio-sourced ingredients and without harsh chemicals. Long lasting and glossy, 100% vegan. Resistant to water penetration which protects the nail and helps prevent damage from cracking and splitting. Easy and even colour distribution.

- Kind Clean Nails
Kind Clean Nails Unique, clear, 100% bio-sourced remover gently hydrates the nail plate and cuticles as it smoothly removes all trace of nail colour. Less volatile more concentrated formula means that very little is needed to remove all polish. The formula is colourless and without harsh chemical smell.

- Kind Strong Nails
Kind Strong Nails 84% Plant based. With nail nutrients and anti-oxidants - Spinach, Avocado and Green Tea. Hardens nail plate, protects from damaging water penetration which causes splitting and peeling, strenthens and reduces fragility.

- Kind Nurtured Nails
Base Coat 84% Plant based. With nail nutrients and anti-oxidants - Spinach, Avocado and Green Tea. Bonds nail with nail colour for increased durability, helps regenerate and protect nails, resists water penetration to prevent splitting, and creates a smoother more even colour application.

- Kind Durable Nails
Kind Durable Nails 83% Plant based. High gloss clear finish protects from chipping and extends colour durability.

- Kind Sophisticated Nails
Kind Sophisticated Nails 78% Plant based. A decorative and sophisticated nail finish, suitable for nail art and French Manicure style, soft and velvety to touch, quickly mattifies shine, prolongs nail colour.

- Attitude Nail Colour
Nail Attitude Nail Colour. A high gloss natural, chip-proof, long-lasting, quick drying intense shade formulation. One coat efficacy. Exceptional colour palette of 8 Neutrals and 8 Deeps. Toluene, formaldehyde and phthalate free. Available in sixteen shades, Gold, Rose Quartz, Candyfloss, Heather Mist, Mermaid, Clear, Praline, Sweet pea, Pink Crush, Summer Sky, Tangerine, Reckless Ruby, Raspberry, Rich Plum, Geranium and Deepest Mulberry.

- Moisturising Lipstick
Moisturising Lipstick Natural Infusion Moisturising Lipstick. Colour rich and smooth application. Long lasting blend of natural waxes and oils enriches and protects the lips all day. Available in thirty shades, Silver Rose, Tansy Tease, Pink Crush, Sweet Pea, Wild Watermelon, Foxglove Fever, Sweet Apricot, Birch, Tea Rose, Dusky Pink, Cherry Blossom, Warm Pecan, Paprika, Cappuccino, Praline, Rosehip, Day Lily, Pomegranate, Ripe Cherry, Raspberry, Rosewood, Cerise, Azalia, Reckless Ruby, Blueberry Coulis, Deep Plum, Rich Bronze, Gold, Copper, Coral.

- Matte Moisturising Lipstick
Matte Lipstick Natural Infusion Matte Moisturising Lipstick. Colour rich and smooth application. Long lasting blend of natural waxes and oils enriches and protects the lips all day. Available in twelve shades, Deshabillé, Koala Bare, Cioccolata, Sweet Subtlety, Promise, Belle of the Ball, Bear All, Enigma, Paradisia, Tokyo Nights, Cocktail Dress, Outrageous.

Lipgloss Soft Natural Lipgloss. A pure seed and wax extract conditioner delivering non-sticky comfort and colour on the lips without causing dryness, or feeling of tightness. Applied with a synthetic applicator producing exceptional coverage and finish. Available in six shades, Nude, Apricot Shimmer, Coral Mist, Watermelon, Rosewood Rave, Wild Berry.

Face Powder
Loose Face Powder Ultrafine Loose Face Powder. Talc free. For a flawless finish this soft formulation enhances the natural colour of the skin, whilst pure minerals allow the skin to breathe naturally. Includes puff. Available in three shades, Fair, Medium and Light.

Lip Liner
Lip Liner Lip Pencils create a defined edge for lipstick and help to prevent feathering. Choose a lip liner nearest to your natural lip colour so that your lipstick blends seamlessly onto your lips. This Lip Liner can also be used as a lip primer which helps to create a smooth finish and make lipstick last longer.

Brow Liner
Brow Liner Super soft brow pencils easily create a natural looking eye brow. The pencils have a spoolie brush included in the cap for smoothing the brows before and after application. For best effect use short soft strokes that imitate your natural hair, following your brow line. Named for endangered monkeys.

Line & Prime
Line & Prime for Brows & Lips Very useful addition to your make up bag, this clear wax pencil has a multitude of uses! It is super soft and glides on invisibly.


- Moisturising Makeup
Moisturising Makeup Moisturising Make Up. A moisturising make-up which gives a soft natural finish and a radiant even skin tone. Enriched with moisturising ingredients, Vitamin E and sunscreens, to help protect and keep skin feeling soft and supple. Fragrance free. Available in three shades Warm Satin, Gold Satin and Bronze Satin.

- Tinted Moisturiser
A light cover make-up, moisturising with sheer colour, to give skin a natural healthy, radiant look. Enriched with moisturising ingredients, Vitamin E and sunscreens, to keep your skin feeling soft and supple, and packed with anti-oxidants to help protect your skin from environmental pollution and help prevent premature ageing. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Available in two shades Light and Medium.

- Eye Defining Pencil
Eyeliner To add depth and definition to eyes and brows. Blended with plant extracts. Fragrance Free. Available in two shades Black and Soft Brown.

- Soft Kohl Pencil
Soft, smudgeable formulation with plant extracts for eyes and brows. Available in two shades Black and Walnut.

Blusher Satin Finish Blusher. Soft blendable pressed powder. Adds colour, warmth and definition. Fragrance free. Available in five shades, Hot Chestnut, Tawny Whisper, Sun Gold, Rosetta and Cranberry.

Eye Shadow
Eye shadow Satin Finish Eye Shadow Duo. Adds colour and shading to the eye. With double ended applicator for precision defining and shading. Soft powder for long lasting colour without creasing. With Vitamin E. Fragrance free. Available in Aquamarine and Lilac

Nail Colour
Nail High Gloss Nail Colour. Long lasting chip resistant finish. Quick drying. Toluene, formaldehyde and pthalate free. Precision brush. Available in nine shades, Praline, Raspberry, Cassis, Flame, Fuschia, Birch, Silver Lilac, Pink Whisper and Coral Mist.

Lipstick Moisturising Lipstick. For long lasting colour which conditions and protects. Contains Apricot Kernel Oil and Vitamin E. Fragrance free. Available in twenty two shades, Sweet Apricot,Caramel cream, Terracotta, Cappuccino, Butterscotch, Coppernob, Toffe Apple, Red Red, Silver Rose, Soft Pink, Rebel Rose, Barely Pink, Birch, Colver pearl, perfect Plum, Spiced grape, Mulberry, Peach Dream, Tangerine, Coral, Sugar Plum and Chilli Red.

- Jojoba Lip Gloss
Jojoba Lip Gloss Jojoba Lipgloss. Sheer lip gloss with over 45% jojoba for conditioning shine. Precision brush on pen. Available in Silver Lilac, Gold Sunset, Coral Mist, Pink Crush, Rosewood and Deeply Berry.

- Clear Lipgloss
Clear Lipgloss Lip Gloss. High gloss conditioning and moisturising non-sticky formulation. Fragrance free. Available in Clear.

Lip Liner
Lip liner Lip Defining pencil. Long lasting pencil for lasting lip shape. Gently outlines and defines lips, helps to prevent feathering. Blended with plant extracts. Fragrance free. Available in Pinky Brown and Morello.

Face Powder
Ultrafine Pressed Powder Ultrafine Pressed Powder gives natural looking, flawless coverage with a lightweight feel. With Kaolin clay to control shine and absorb excess oil, this face powder gives a matte, velvet finish to the complexion. The handy compact is perfect for retouching. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic.


Make-Up Bag
Ultimate Make-Up Bag Ultimate Natural Make Up Bag. Wipeable PU make-up bag with flexible storage clasps as well as a separate detachable purse with a zipped compartment for small items.

Pencil Sharpener
Deluxe Duo Pencil Sharpener Deluxe Duo Pencil Sharpener. High quality duo size pencil sharpener with cleaning attachment and long lasting blade. Opens for emptying and cleaning.

Cosmetic Brushes
- Compact Powder Brush
Compact Powder Brush Soft animal free brush ideal for bwc mineral face powders. With a special flat cut for ease of blending and specially curled synthetic hair for optimum powder retention.

- Luxury Powder Brush
Luxury Powder Brush Large soft powder brush sweeps face powder, loose or pressed, around the face, blending and smoothing creating a more even finish. Soft curled synthetic hair with a comfortable wooden handle.

- Angled Blusher Brush
Angled Blusher Brush Specially shaped large blusher brush designed for optimum application of bwc blushers, blends, shades and highlights. Soft curled synthetic hair with a comfortable wooden handle.

- Premium Foundation Brush
Premium Foundation Brush Large soft foundation brush for the application and blending of bwc foundations for a professional finish. Apply a small amount of foundation to the back of the hand, and then load the brush before use. Soft, firm, straight synthetic hair with a comfortable wooden handle.

- Deep Crease Blender Brush
Deep Crease Blender Brush Specially shaped brush for easy application and blending of bwc pressed and loose eye shadow particularly for blending and highlighting the deep socket area above the eye. Soft curled synthetic hair with a comfortable wooden handle.

- Angled Eye Shadow Brush
Angled Eye Shadow Brush Soft shaped brush for general application and blending of bwc loose and pressed eye shadows. Soft curled synthetic hair with a comfortable wooden handle.

- Fine Blender Brush
Fine firm shaped brush ideal for blending all bwc eye shadows and especially useful for special effects such as Smokey Eyes. Also for blending concealer. Soft, firm, straight synthetic hair with a comfortable wooden handle.

- Lip Brush
Lip Brush Finely shaped brush for professional application of lipstick. Helps to create an even finish and blends into creased areas. Soft, firm, straight synthetic hair with a comfortable wooden handle.

- Angled Eye Liner Brush
Angled Eye Liner Brush Firm fine shaped brush for creating lines and definition around the eye area. Soft, firm, straight synthetic hair with a comfortable wooden handle.

Really like this mascara (Waterproof Black) - it goes on really nicely without clumping and is definitely waterproof. Love the brush design too. And Vegan and Animal Friendly! Thanks BWC!
— Posted by Treena Livesley on 7th Mar 2015


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